Egg Freezing: The Modern Day Woman

A Documentary into Social Egg Freezing – Behind The Scenes

Egg Freezing: The Modern Day Woman

Here it is everyone! The final documentary of Egg Freezing: The Modern Day Woman. 

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BBC appearance from our very own Dr Kylie Baldwin

As you will have previously seen, one of my interviewee’s included Dr Kylie Baldwin – a specialist sociologist in Social Egg Freezing.

She provided a great interview of which I have previously posted this little snippet – however if you wish to see Dr Kylie Baldwin in a full interview, take a look at her appearance on the BBC here…

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Edit Edit Edit…

In a month yesterday, I will have completed and handed in in my final documentary Egg Freezing: The Modern Day Woman… A scary thought, but also an exciting one!

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Sofia Vergara lawsuit battle with Embryo’s

When deciding to become a part of something like Egg Freezing, it’s so important to understand not only your legal rights, but also your legal responsibility.

The current lawsuit battle with Sofia Vergara and her former fiancee Nick Loeb highlights exactly this, and just shows this topic is so relevant right now. Article featured below.

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The Final One – Dr Ahuja Interview

Success! Today the last telephone interview towards the final documentary was completed. Luckily for us Dr Kamal Ahuja from the London Women’s Clinic was a fantastic help. Check out this Behind The Scenes time-lapse of the interview here on my twitter

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The Final Round-Up

It’s all go-go-go from here as I conduct the final few telephone interviews to our experts, before it’s the last stretch towards a completed Egg Freezing Documentary….

Featuring Venessa Smith and Dr Zeynep Gurtin interviews.

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Latest Editing Snippets – Dr Kylie + Sarah Bagg

Getting some editing done tonight… and the interviews from our expert Dr Kylie Baldwin,  as well as our first-hand Egg Freezer Sarah Bagg are sounding great! Read on for a little snippet of the conversations we had….

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Great Resource Page

Links to a fantastic resource page that will help you find out a great variety of opinions, facts and information on Egg Freezing.

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IVF controversy on the BBC

Slightly sidetracked from Egg Freezing but any controversy among the fertility clinics is of interest to us here at Modern Day Woman: Egg Freezing… so check out this BBC article from yesterday…


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