It’s two days before my first documentary interview and it’s safe to say preparations to meet De Monfort University’s Kylie Baldwin are in full swing!

Kylie is BIG in the Egg Freezing world…

This Friday (4th November) I will be setting off on my lengthy journey to Leicester, where I will be interviewing Kylie Baldwin, a Senior Lecturer in Health Studies and Sociology at De Montfort University.

She has written countless papers on the expansion of social egg freezing in the UK. She has very kindly offered to help me with my project – so I’m just getting some questions ready so I can pick her brains and really give this documentary a look into the social motivations behind women choosing to freeze their eggs in the UK thus far.

More so, I’m desperate to find out what she thinks the future holds for women hoping to be mummy’s just a little bit later in life…

I’ll be posting updates of how it goes.. Wish me luck!