It’s the morning after the night before and I’ve woken up with quite a few more contacts than I had yesterday! Attending last night’s Smart Egg event was such a great way to meet some incredible women, and some seriously clued-up experts…

One woman that really stood out was guest speaker embryologist Venessa from The London Women’s Clinic. She fired so many great statistics and charts and general fertility knowledge at us – I couldn’t help but grab her contact details so that we could get an interview and be a part of this documentary!

Not only that, I got to speak to the lovely Sarah Bagg – a 39 year old woman from the UK who recently froze her eggs, after her long-term relationship ended and left her feeling like she was running out of time. She was a wonderful woman who spoke beautifully about her experience – I look forward to editing it and adding it to the doc with her fellow Egg Freezing interviewee’s! Till then – take a look at her blog and read a little about her story now!

Another really interesting part about the evening was that a lady from Radio 4 was present – as she is in the middle of creating a piece on fertility/egg freezing too! Clearly a hot topic right now…

As well as Venessa and Sarah, I got to meet some many other great women – like Sapana, the event organiser as well as a couple of  researchers/sociologists from Cambridge who would love to work with me!

Overall – great event, where I met so many people happy to help – many of whom I will be following up this week! More to come!