Success! Today the last telephone interview towards the final documentary was completed. Luckily for us Dr Kamal Ahuja from the London Women’s Clinic was a fantastic help. Check out this Behind The Scenes time-lapse of the interview here on my twitter

This interview was vital to Egg Freezing: Modern Day Woman because it really gave me an idea of what is involved in the actual business side of Social Egg Freezing.

One sobering reality of deciding to freeze your eggs is the extremely high costs. Thanks to Dr Ahuja, this will be explained within the doc, so that listeners can understand that this may be a major draw-back for potential Egg Freezers.


I really enjoyed this telephone interview as the interviewer, because I got to do it with a whole new angle of questions. It’s important that we capture every aspect of Social Egg Freezing for the final doc.

Listen to this little snippet of the Dr comparing success rates of vitrification from a years ago, with the rapid rate of progress that they see now.

Now it’s just about putting all these interviews together to create an interesting, engaging and informative documentary!