Hello readers, and welcome to my blog – Egg Freezing: The Modern Day Woman!

Here I will be posting regular updates of all my progress, as I take this fascinating journey to making a 7 minute radio documentary on modern day Ocyte Cryopreservation – freezing your eggs. Women around the world choose to freeze their eggs to delay child-bearing, but to also ensure their prospects of becoming a mother in the future, but who really knows about it?

Women under 25 are still considered the prime age for child bearing… and yet the UK national average for women having their first child is 31… and it continues to go up every year. Could this be the reason that more and more women are choosing to freeze their eggs for later in life? This is what I’m going to find out.

I will be talking to some extraordinary people and organisations with a great insight into this topic, so take a look at my recent posts for more EGGCITING updates!


I’m Molly Reynolds, 20 – a current Multi Media Journalism student at Bournemouth University.



This is a topic that absolutely fascinates me – and as a young female with high hopes to ‘have it all’ (the successful career, the family, the children), Egg Freezing could very much be a viable option for my future self and for many generational women out there.

This piece will follow case studies, large organisations and experts who all think Egg Freezing could be the future for the modern day woman, so take a look!