Egg Freezing: The Modern Day Woman

A Documentary into Social Egg Freezing – Behind The Scenes

The RACE against Radio 4…

Recently I’ve been thinking about how special it is that a female Radio 4 Correspondent was at the Smart Egg event…

The fact that Radio 4 are in the middle of creating a piece about Egg Freezing and female fertility just shows how important and topical this issue is right now!

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Smart Egg Event – Networking Success

It’s the morning after the night before and I’ve woken up with quite a few more contacts than I had yesterday! Attending last night’s Smart Egg event was such a great way to meet some incredible women, and some seriously clued-up experts…

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The Egg Freezing Roadmap

Need a step-by-step of it all? It’s definitely no easy feat – Oocyte cryopreservation (Egg Freezing) is an extremely physical process and can be gruelling on the body.

Our friendly interviewee Brigitte Adams – founder of – has composed a detailed guide book to every part of the process, so should you be interested before having a listen to my finalised documentary – take a look.

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Interviews Across the Seas Valerie + Brigitte

Today I got to interview two great women from across the seas – Valerie Landis and Brigitte Adams, from the US. Two really inspiring women who are not only on their journey to motherhood through Egg Freezing, but have also inspired so many other women around them with their websites.

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Smart Egg Event: Got my tickets!

The Smart Egg Fertility event is fast approaching and it’s safe to say I’m excited!

I’m so relieved to have my tickets bought and at the ready – which means I can definitely go along and see a great community of people all exploring women’s fertility options, (in our case, Egg Freezing!)

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Dr Kylie Baldwin – Interview success!

Had a fantastic interview with Dr Kylie Baldwin (a sociologist specialising in Social Egg Freezing) in Leicester today – some great content all ready for the documentary!

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Fertility Event: 22 November

I’ve come across this great Fertility event hosted by Smart Egg on Tuesday 22nd November in London. It looks like a great way for me to get really involved with the fertility discussion and meet some great new people who are passionate about this topic!

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Smart – A great find!

Thanks to the wonderful connections of Twitter I just came across a great resource for women exploring the fertility world – Smart

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Interview Prep – Kylie Baldwin

It’s two days before my first documentary interview and it’s safe to say preparations to meet De Monfort University’s Kylie Baldwin are in full swing!

Kylie is BIG in the Egg Freezing world…

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